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My mother raised me to be culturally diverse and to enjoy and engage in various works of artistry. This Monday I introduce to you a famous painter and cultural activist! Wifredo Lam

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Wifredo Lam is of Afro-Asian decent raised in Cuba. The internationally renowned Cuban painter Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) was a precursor of a cross-cultural style of painting, infusing Western modernism with African and Caribbean symbolism. His peripatetic life brought him into contact with all the avant-garde movements of his times―cubism, surrealism, CoBrA―whose incentives for greater freedom in art, for unleashing the unconscious, and for exploring the “marvelous” through automatic writing had great impact on his work.

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But Lam never lost sight of the world around him and like his friend Aimé Césaire took on the struggle “to paint the drama of his country, the cause and spirit of the blacks.” He invented a highly original voice that speaks in the name of “defending human dignity” and “saluting freedom.”

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I Have Never Been So Disgusted…AMBW? Really?

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So I came running to this site after a large ranting debate in class about psychology and relationships. The things I heard in that class…I officially now know…we as the human race have a long way to go when it comes to acceptance!

Wouldn’t you know it… interracial dating came up and the room got heated.

I mean it was intense!

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And wouldn’t you know it…once again...ONE..1…Word…started it all.

So let me just recap some of the things that the professor said to lead to this debate in which people walked out or stood up and got angry.

Professor: So how far you feel the U.S. has gotten over just the span of 25 years of interracial relationships?

Class as a group: Far….blah blah blah

Professor: Raise your hand if you are or have been in an interracial relationship?

Class: Good 50/50

Professor: So what do you feel are factors to wanting to initiate into that kind of relationship despite public opinion?

Majority of Class: Attraction..Emotions….Relationship..etc

Black Girl #1: I feel its different for women of color. The “white woman is prized” so naturally she gets more involved in mixed relationships. I think for black women the guy has to be willing to date African women.

Class + Me: WTF??? o.o…

1 minute later…..


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Black Girl #2: Willing? What does that mean? You act as if Black women settle or have no choice but to accept whats given?

Class: Rants…Chaos….screaming….

Me: =.= (Sweat Drop)

I mean omg! It was intense. Everybody was talking about white and black like that’s the only mix out there. I was looking at them as a group of future psychologist with concern. For people so smart….they dumb-ed themselves down with their closed mindedness. This debate spiraled out of control to another subject. It went from this to talking about the “one drop rule” (One drop – if you have one drop of black in you…you are black) This same girl went and attacked the black man for ‘abandoning’ black women.

But it got disgusting! I never met someone who was racist against their own race! Like how is that possible! This one white dude (so nice of a person/great guy friend!) said his girlfriend is black from Senegal, Africa. He  said he was attracted to her when he saw her come into the room. The girl just attacked him…saying outrageous things about him….like he has a fetish..he probably is rejected by the white woman….etc. I mean his girlfriend is the first girlfriend he ever dated outside his own race.

Then there was an Asian guy speaking but he made the mistake of answering a question with….yes my girlfriends are all Asian. He ruined it… fight….ding ding ding….white flag….sigh…

White girls banded together but they gave some good arguments and some really…racist ones but it wasn’t enough. They got walked all over needless to say.

Hispanic women joined the Black women in the argument…1 Hispanic guy was like me…we just stayed quiet.

Watching all of this I said nothing and tried my best to see why am I angry over words that I personally have seen to be untrue? Why is everyone else angry about it? This started as a nice conversation and it got so…disgusting in a matter of one word.  Willing….

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I will forever stand by the belief that there are things that happen in this world that is beyond human control. You can prepare for it but it still is going to happen. I believe attraction and love is one of them. You can’t help how you feel…you can make a choice to act on it though. So why as people of the human race are we forever….attacking those over issues beyond control? More importantly why do other people care who you date anyway?

I have come to the conclusion that we in America have deep wounds and internal hurt that seems to be passing on from generation to generation. This hurt is manifesting into anger and prejudice….to nonsense. Some of us are breaking from this…we accept the past…learn from it…move on. Others seem to be just stuck and continue the cycle of hurt by hurting others. But that’s it. I just had to share this!

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Something to laugh at though….

Best Friend: (Whispers) “Girl you should make them hate you by telling them your last boyfriend was Asian.”

Me: Raises hand…teacher quiets the class down….”Just a point to throw out there….my boyfriend is Asian.”

Class: looks at me stankly….=.= (secretly saying…”STFU hoe!”) They start arguing again like I said nothing.

Me: (whispers to my Bestie) Nope! i’ll just keep throwing society in for a loop by continuing to date whoever I like. I like Duck Dynasty…My husband is going to be a Redneck I think.

Best Friend: O.@


Interracial Relationship Radio Discussion!

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Here is the audio of a real walk through interracial relationships. The points that they drive up can be seen in all interracial relationships. One point they brought up is….environment. Their environment plays a key part in who they are and what they perceive to be attractive to them.  When it comes to things of this nature, as those of you that read this blog know… I am more logical and interested in the psychology behind what drives us to look for mates.

Warning: Some parts are “raunchy” but it is logically thought out.


Member Mondays: Jean Ping

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Jean Ping was born on November 24th 1942 in the village of Omboué, south of Port-Gentil , to a Gabonese mother, the daughter of a local leader, and a Chinese father, Cheng Zhiping. Cheng Zhiping was from the port city of Wenzhou, China.

Mr. Ping’s distinguished 32-year career in government has been marked by diplomatic success, notably his contribution to the many efforts by the President of the Gabonese Republic, El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba, to restore peace and stability in Central Africa, in particular in the Republic of the Congo, Chad, the Central African Republic and Sao Tome and Principe.

A recipient of numerous honours in recognition of his outstanding career and service to his country, both at home and abroad, Mr. Ping has been awarded Gabon’s medals of Commander of the Equatorial Star, Grand Officer of the Equatorial Star, Commander of the Maritime Merit Order and Commander of the Gabonese National Order of Merit. France has conferred on Mr. Ping the distinction of Commander of the Legion of Honour and of Officer of the Order of the Pleiad and the Order of la Francophonie. Mr. Ping also has been awarded Portugal’s Grand Cross of the Order of Merit.


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H.E. Mr. Jean Ping, President of the fifty-ninth session of the United Nations General Assembly, has been Ministre d’Etat, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and la Francophonie of the Gabonese Republic since 1999 and a Member of Parliament since 1996.

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Dating Chinese (Asian) Men, Sure Why Not?


I have been to Asia…have dated various ethnic men and this article really hit the nail on the head I feel. The only thing I would like to add to this is that …Men ARE MEN! Each are different and what he does with his own thoughts and actions is ultimately up to him. There are factors that play into behavior but that is in everyone around the world.

So read this and understand to be careful of what you ask for. It may not be destined for you and the last thing you want to do is miss a blessing.

READ This article! It…sums up something important.

Dating Chinese Men, Sure Why Not?.

ATTN AMBWs: Support Universal Love: Human Rights Campaign



It doesn’t matter what you like, your religion, or your ethnic background. To love it a universal right to have for any man and woman. You were blessed to make choices and to make something of yourself on this planet.


So give everyone the same opportunities and freedoms so this nonsense pain and suffering can end. You don’t have to agree with Gay Marriage but as a human that loves someone you should support the choice to do so.


After all AMBW’s you want support…you got to give to receive.


Support Human Rights Campaign!

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