Vice AMBW Article – Where’s the Meat?

So just for namesake…I am posting this article because VICE (which has some hit or miss news presentations) took it upon themselves to “explore” (And I use that term loosely) the AMBW community. I crawled from my cave after a few people sent me the article in which I skimmed through it quickly and like … Continue reading

Youtube: Keeping it Real?

There are thousands of Youtube videos about people’s experiences. How many times have you watched someone give their experience or perception of a situation and you thought it to be lacking or one sided? Rarely, do I come across travel vlogs that speak 100% truth about their experiences.  By this i mean not just sharing … Continue reading


AMBW Meetups and Groups 2015

Hello Hello Loves! One of my dearest friends in NYC asked me to make a short PSA regarding the meetups. There is an amazing group of ambw-ers that meetup in NYC and have formed quite the outgoing adventurous group. For those of you interested in joining the AMBW group in NYC and any other AMBW … Continue reading


Don’t Confuse Love! Happy Holidays!

Three years of world travel and I’m back home in my original southern town at a lost of words for how much my life and I for that matter…have changed. At one point during my psychology relationship studies, I was so caught up in the dynamics of cross interracial relationships and the cultural influences on … Continue reading


Satire and Anniversary of an Article

So I feel i need to address this for the lackadaisical ones of us that did not/do not understand the point of this article I wrote years ago as a satire to the original post of the great author Ranier  “Love Life of an Asian…Which Asian is Right for Me.” I can’t believe Im doing … Continue reading

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